A big thank you to our Tunnels Project Manager, John Rands who recently celebrated his 10 year anniversary working at DfL.

John specialises in our tunnel lighting designs and gives DfL a presence in the North West for some great projects and technical advice.

We thought you might be interested to hear from John himself so we asked him a few questions about his time with the company.

Have you got any stand out projects that you have enjoyed working on during your time at DfL?
The main project that stands out for me has got to be Knowsley PFI where I was the local IC for the duration of that part of the PFI street lighting replacement programme. I enjoyed working with the contractor and Local Authority to jointly bring the project to a successful outcome. I also grew in my understanding of how important cooperation is for all disciplines involved as we were all working for success.

What are some of your fondest DfL memories of the past 10 years?
Seeing the company grow in a positive direction from a professional view and at a personal level the relationships built with colleagues.

For you, what have been the greatest developments in the lighting industry over the last 10 years?
I think it is accepted by all that the development of LED lighting technology has had the most impact of any modern new light source in history.
To reflect, my first experience with using LED’s was during my time in industry, more years ago than I care to remember, where they were purely used on a mimic diagram of a process plant I was involved in building.

What are the key issues that you see DfL addressing in the future?
I believe the key areas for DfL future would be to grasp new technology in the successful application in the public realm.
There is growing pressure on environmental issues so DfL need to be at the forefront of the use of subsequent innovations.

Describe what DfL means to you, on a personal level, in 10 words or less.
DfL is considered as part of an extended family.

Happy 10 Year Work Anniversary John! Your hard work and commitment to the team is very much appreciated.