Creative exterior lighting schemes can be an excellent way to accentuate an outdoor space and bring a town or city back to life, so long as you implement the right engineering solutions to make it practical. Fortunately, we can help you do that.

Aesthetics or engineering? Have both!

At DFL, we’ve got lots of designers who thrive when tasked with conjuring up ways of using lighting to achieve a certain feeling or vibe, whether you’re set on illuminating a particular piece of architecture like a church façade or creating a whole new feature.

Depending on your desired effect, we’ll use decorative lighting equipment and techniques to do more than simply brighten a dark area — leveraging colour-changing RGBA (red, green, blue, amber) strips and conducting LED light upgrades with different colour temperatures to set the scene and highlight points of interest.

What sets our designers apart from the rest is they’ll combine the aesthetics of these fun installations with the not-so-fun — but critically important — engineering they need to work.

We know how to work on the tricky stuff too, such as listed buildings and heritage assets — possessing the skills needed to overcome lighting challenges that may arise with these projects.

Essentially, we’ll make sure that your dreams turn into reality with lighting design packs and drawings that are ready for construction.

We can even help develop temporary lighting schemes to support events or give you a taste of what feature lighting could do to your building or monument.

We’ve got it down to a fine art

Rather than producing a beautiful lighting design that’ll have local authorities questioning how it’s all going to work and how much it'll cost (this happens more often than you’d think), we’ll ensure every public realm lighting project we complete is practically sound and works to client budgets.

With us, you’ll only get lighting design solutions that are easy to install and maintain. We’ll also work out all the electrical wiring considerations from the get-go, so you don’t need to worry about getting power to your new lights either.

And of course, there’ll be no lighting impact issues. If you like, we can offer a lighting impact assessment (LIA) to prevent problems like light spill, which could anger any residents who live near your proposed installation site. For example, we might put shields on upward-facing lights like the ones you’d see beneath uplit trees to control lighting output without limiting your design.

So, you get to install your own art that looks the part and works properly. That’s a win-win if you ask us!

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