You provide the project.
We provide the bright ideas.

Whether you have issues with street lighting design, conditions from planning authorities or design limitations, you’ll often face challenges when trying to draw up and install a new lighting project.

When these problems arise, it can be hard to know how to move forward and get your scheme approved, especially when you’re working to a tight deadline or have an ecologically sensitive site.

At DFL, our technicians, designers and engineers have industry-leading technical knowledge and years of experience assisting a range of clients with lighting projects — meaning they’re full of bright ideas that can get your lighting design on the road to approval and ready for construction.

So, it’s well worth finding out more about our many services. Take a look below!

Our work

Why should you choose us to assist with your lighting scheme? Good question…

Other than the fact that our teams include some of the best in the business who align their work with the latest standards and accreditations (so you know we are as good as we say we are), we’re also one of the UK’s biggest independent lighting companies. That means we’ve worked with councils, public bodies and developers from up and down the country on some pretty impressive projects.

Do you have a project you’d like to discuss?

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