The DfL office underwent a makeover in the summer which presented us with the perfect opportunity to improve the lighting. Previously we used a stylish T5 fluorescent suspended luminaire which had daylight linking and a direct / indirect light distribution. That system was around 10 years old, so it was time for change. This has now been replaced by a full LED system which will provide us with more reliable lighting, better uniformity, less glare, longer life and of course less maintenance. Many of the benefits we are extolling to our clients with this technology.

One of our in-house lighting designers (Ryan Carroll) undertook the office lighting design and was keen to incorporate the latest technology trends such as human-centric lighting. This area of lighting is of particular interest to Ryan and complements the CPD workshops that DfL are currently providing on the subject of Correlated Colour Temperature CCT.

The Trilux Lateralo Ring LED suspended luminaire provided us with the required photometric performance, aesthetics and direct / indirect components suitable for our office space. This is a Dynamic Lighting system where both brightness & colour temperature can be adjusted by all staff and is also programmable to emulate the CCT of a natural daylight cycle which influences our circadian rhythm.

Reports have shown that human-centric lighting can improve productivity by up to 18% and greater alertness. An ad-hoc staff survey shows reduction in tiredness, improved ambiance and generally all staff feel positive about the improvements.