DFL’s expertise shined through when we were tasked with using innovative lighting design to revamp a tired Hampshire town.

The brief

Once a historic tramway interchange, this area was effectively cut off from the main pedestrianised shopping district due to lacklustre local retail facilities and a suffocating amount of on-street parking. It also suffered due to pollution and congestion from cars and motorcycles.

It was our job to help create a distinction between the traffic and pedestrian areas and enhance the overall appearance of the site, which would be possible using different light sources.

The solutions

We used Cosmo White metal halide lamps to mark the boundaries between the road and path and ground-mounted LED up-lighters to highlight nearby trees. These LEDs are composed of two different rings of colours with two different angles of tilt to create a third colour, negating the need to use costly and complex Digital Multiplex (DMX) or Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) systems.

Our design also uses cool luminaires outside the square to intrigue passers-by, and warm ones to welcome and comfort visitors. Plus, the DFL team leveraged modern decorative luminaires, brackets and columns to add visual interest to the streetlights.

We can’t forget about the lighting requirements, either! Lighting levels in the new installation meet the appropriate standards of the BS5489 and EN13201 British and European standards, helping reduce energy consumption. Lanterns were also fitted with flat glass lenses to minimise light pollution.

The final result

Now, not only does the site look great, with commemorative plaques and bronze inlays to highlight the space’s past, but traffic routes have been diverted and the area is only used by buses and pedestrians. So, with a much safer, more welcoming area, footfall and commerce have increased. Result!

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