Everyone is talking about “smart” this and “smart” that. Feeling overwhelmed with the queue of experts telling you that their product is the next thing that will unlock smart cities potential.

Smart solutions (we think its more than just a city) are fast climbing the agenda in your organisation, but what does it really mean…..its your job to find out more and we are here to support you in mapping out the options and finding the practical solutions for your organisation.

We are proud to be different. We don’t wish to sell you products, we are here to give you find the right solutions for your challenges. we want to understand the problems you face and what it really is that your organisation what to achieve. From there we will help to explore and build the business case to take your problems and turn them into smart solutions.

Imagine the humble lamp post now became a wifi hotspot offering environmental, traffic and wayfinding data, to feedback information to the client.  When the data is used in the right way it has the power to inform key decision making for the benefits of the residents and users.  It has the power keep people and places moving, whilst keeping the environment and sustainability near the top of the agenda.  The possibilities are endless, lets start simple. Lets have a discussion.

Our values are simple. Quality, every time, this is reflected by providing quality, innovative solutions that meet the client’s needs and are designed to a human level satisfying the needs of everyone.

You don’t want the same you want the best. We all know that traditional Engineers are sometimes very process driven and follow the status quo. We encourage our staff and clients to think innovatively. Really exploring the challenges, you face, and to deliver clear and simple solution. Our quality first approach means we will find the right solution, this ethos has stood the test of time. We have been delivering market leading solutions for 20 years.

We assess the challenge you face and turn it into a market leading, cost-effective solution, that seamlessly works with the rest of your project creating something you are proud of. All our work is approved by our Chartered Engineers, who are the best in industry.

Smart is new and each project is different to the last. We start every project with a blank canvas, because the best solution for you is built around your needs. Your project needs are unique to you.

Let’s make the complex simple, we are the power to make light work and Think Smart. This is about long-term collaboration. Smart Solutions are unique and so is our solution, our first day is free, no strings attached.  Lets think smart together.  Call or email us to discuss your challenges and we will help you find solutions.


We offer services in Smart Consultancy to enable the planning, implementation, and growth of your smart agenda.  Through collaboration DfL assist local authorities to make their lighting “smart” and real time to dim the lighting based on traffic flow, saving energy. We are in the process of taking this further by looking to work with a number of departments within Local Authorities to use the central management systems that lighting departments are investing in to be open for business to other departments and 3rd parties. This could be from gully cleaning to traffic flow routing. In collaboration with clients, manufactures and citizens we look at the issues and build meaningful effective solutions.


Quality! Every time.
Quick fixes and corner cutting are not our thing. If a job is worth doing, it is worth doing properly. So that is what we’ll do. Every time. No ifs, no buts.


Thinking differently!
We are not big on doing things because that’s the way they have always been done. We have decades of lighting experience in our team and we will use that to create the best designs possible for you. Whether it has been done before or not.


Always impartial.
We are not beholden to any suppliers or manufacturers. The only money we receive is the fees we get from you. We like it that way as it gives us the freedom to give you completely unbiased advice and the best independent solutions.


Reliably reliable.
You have deadlines to meet too – we understand that. So, we will always be clear about what we can deliver and when. Then we will stick to it. You can depend on us.

 Lighting Schemes

We are on hand to assist with all types of exterior or interior lighting. If lighting is needed, we can design it.


Our experienced engineers have a wealth of knowledge and offer advice on all aspects of Lighting Design.

Impact assessments

Increase the likelihood of your project clearing planning with a professional Lighting Impact Assessment.


We have created some skills sheets to outline our services and how we can assist you with your projects. Whether this be with Smart Consultancy or Light Impact Assessments we hope you will find these useful in further understanding what we do and how we can assist you.


We work on a diverse range of projects including Mass LED upgrades and Architectural Lighting Designs. We also deliver highly acclaimed sensitive lighting schemes and are well regarded within the industry for our lighting impact assessments. Below are just some of the schemes we have recently completed.

Dorothy House Hospice – Case Study
Mirfield Station Underpass – Case Study
Kent Street Lighting – Case Study
Winchester Park and Ride – Case Study
Kettering Market Place – Case Study
Waterlooville – Case Study
Grayshott Square Case Study

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