At DFL we are passionate about reducing light pollution and providing you with lighting solutions that meet the lighting requirements whilst also reducing the impact on the environment. Light pollution is detrimental to both ecology and people whilst also wasting energy. This impacts the environment and contribtes to climate change.

One of the impacts of poor lighting designs is a large amount of upward light which is detrimental to our dark skies.

Ryan Carroll has said “Obtrusive light (light pollution) in the form of upward light causes sky glow that reduces our ability to see the stars at night and contributes towards the loss of darkness.

“Increasing amounts of light pollution are responsible for preventing children across the globe from ever being able to see the Milky Way.”

That is why it is critical that we protect our existing dark skies and work to reduce sky-glow in areas that already have high levels of light pollution. DFL can help by ensuring that the impact of lighting is rigorously assessed and mitigation measures are implemented, to ensure that the effects of lighting do not lead to further reductions in sky quality.”

DFL have successfully worked on many sensitive lighting schemes in the past, one of these being the award winning Dorothy House Hospice project where a sensitive lighting design was required for a car park situated in an area of outstanding natural beauty. The lighting was such a success it was awarded a ‘Good Lighting‘ award by the Commission for Dark Skies.

Looking to the future, DFL hope to work with younger generations to increase their knowledge on light and the impact it can have on the environment. By doing this, we hope the stars will still be visible for years to come.

Do you have a project that requires a sensitive lighting design? Download our Keys to Success Skills Sheet to find out how we can help you!