As of 1st November 2019, the Government have revised their guidance on light pollution. At DfL we are aware of the importance of complying with the standards and quality set out by government. Within our Light Impact Assessment, we will always provide our clients with up to date knowledge and accurate information for their lighting to comply with these regulations.

Preventing Light Pollution is a topic that DfL are highly passionate about and we endeavour to ensure that all our designs are of the highest quality and have as little light spill as possible.

We recognise the requirement to get lighting designs right from the outset. This is as to avoid making changes further down the line which would incur costs for our clients. By following the guidance, you can be certain that your project will be suitably controlled to reduce its impact on the environment.

We have broken down most of the key changes from this guidance and this can be found on our ‘Key to Success’ sheet which focuses on Light Impact Assessments. To view this document please click here.

Regarding the changes to these light pollution guidance updates our Managing Director, Alistair Scott said “Although the changes are minor in nature it is important that we are always up to date with the relevant amendments to ensure that we are offering our clients the most comprehensive advice. Sometimes it can be the minor details that have the potential to effect planning applications. At DfL we make sure we get it right first time.”

As well as being our Managing Director, Alistair has recently taken on the role of Vice President- Government and Policy at the ILP. By taking on this role Alistair wants to spread the message within government about the importance of lighting. Alistair hopes to have a bigger say in some of the key issues as the lighting industry often feels they are overlooked.

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