As we go into our 3rd week of working from home, we continue to talk and support staff to make sure they are comfortable, motivated and productive in their home working environments. We are really proud of how the team have adapted to the quick change and have really embraced it to keep the business moving forward.
We thought we would share with you how it has gone and how some of the team have adapted and seen the benefits.

Have a read about how Ryan, Paul, Sylvia, James and Filip have found the transition from office working to home working during Covid-19.

What do you enjoy about working from home?

Ryan- I enjoy not needing to waste time travelling to work, which makes it easier to balance working and home-life. It is nice to know that home – working is helping to reduce my carbon footprint through the reduction in necessary travel.

Sylvia- Being here for my 88 year old mum – who is in a lot of pain waiting for a hip replacement – I can help with whatever she needs – I have discovered the joys of facetime and zoom… who’d have thought it

Paul- I enjoy not having to make the commute from Bournemouth, this allows me to have more time for gardening.

James- My favourite part is not having to worry about delayed trains

Filip- Sleeping for an extra 1.5h without being late

Have DfL provided you with everything you need to work from home?

Ryan- Yes, fortunately I already had a laptop, but I have been provided with an additional monitor, along with laptop and monitor stand to allow comfort. There was also a mandatory DSE assessment to complete, this helped ensure the workstation was suitably set – up to avoid straining and poor posture. It also gave tips for staying focused, reducing stress and encouraged taking breaks to reduce eye strain.

Sylvia-  Yes, a chair , keyboard, plinth to put the lap top on – I have everything ….and most of all knowing your all there in the virtual world if I need you ????

Paul- I have all I need for working from home. A laptop, big monitor, mouse and keyboard have been provided. Unfortunately, I could not fit my desk in my car.

James- Yes they have. When I first started working for DfL I was given a laptop to allow me to work from home if ever needed. I think this was more for the occasional doctor appointment or to get the car MOT’d, however this has made the move to working from home much easier. I have also been given a mouse, keyboard and a second monitor meaning I have everything I would usually have when working in the office.

Filip- Yes, just laptop and HDMI cable so I can connect another monitor.

Are you happy with how the DfL Coronavirus strategy was implemented?

Ryan- Yes, the DfL strategy was implemented incredibly quickly, initially involving an increase in personal and office hygiene which was comforting. The move to transition to home working was implemented very swiftly, before the official recommendation to work from home was fully implemented by the government. Thus proving that the management were proactively encouraging the team not to venture to the office for their safety during the pandemic.

Sylvia- You’ve all been fabulous – I don’t think you could have handled this mad situation any better – lots of communication – and support – and clear instructions

Paul- Yes, it’s good DfL acted early and are taking it seriously.

James- Yes, very happy so far. We are lucky to have the type of work we can do efficiently from home and DfL worked with government guidance asking us to work from home.

Filip- Yes!