DfL are delighted to win our first major project in North Wales. We are partnering Wrexham County Borough Council to provide the lighting design for the upgrade of over 10,300 street lighting assets to LED luminaires.

The project involves a survey of every street lighting asset. It will assess the condition of the column and bracket and verify the existing light source.

Detailed design is the key to unlocking significant energy savings and ensure that Wrexham residents get an enhanced lighting solution. DfL’s designers are performing a detailed design for each lighting asset by creating a performance specification for equipment. This will optimise the lighting in each street.

With a bespoke Design Rationale to support the design process, Wrexham have comfort in the knowledge that DfL will design each road using the same best practice principles, whilst following the guidance of BS5489-1.

As with all LED upgrades, the project is on a tight schedule. DfL’s design process is already proven as shown in their involvement in the Kent LED replacement programme. Over 120,000 assets were completed in a short space of time. This design formula will also suit the deadlines and timescales for Wrexham.

Technical Director, Andrew Longman said of the award “We’re excited to have the chance to demonstrate the impressive savings that we achieve by using competent lighting designers. This is all about optimising the performance and benefits of LED technology. We will also focus on lighting improvements for residents whilst delivering significant energy savings”