DfL’s tunnels project manager, John Rands is one of the UK’s leading tunnel lighting designers. John started working at DfL in 2010 and is now semi retired but his enjoyment of his job means that he is still entrusted with the majority of our tunnel lighting projects to this day.

“The lighting of road tunnels is a unique discipline where the published article aims to depict the fundamental issues to be addressed for each and every structure as every road tunnel is different in both geometry and usage. I find road tunnel lighting a fascinating subject and having spent many years on numerous projects in the UK as well as further afield, have never tired of discussing options with clients to meet their specific requirements whilst complying with established standards.” (John Rands)

See below an article written by John that was published in the ILP Journal where he discusses the challenges that face road tunnel lighting designers and the considerations that need to be taken into account in order to achieve a successful design.