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Let’s start with the most important part – the team who bring your solutions to life.

Nurturing the best talents in our industry we are extremely proud of our team. With their expertise and specialised knowledge your project is safe in their hands.

We know many of our clients enjoy putting faces to names when working with us on projects so why not get to know us a little better and read about what the team enjoy most both inside and outside of work.

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Andrew Longman

Managing Director

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Richard Jackson

Executive Director

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Richard Jackson EngTech, AMILP, TMIET

Richard joined DfL in January 2013 as Project Manager and Business Development Director.  He looks after new business coming into the company and works with clients to help them understand what they need from their project and how DfL can maximise the return on investment of their project.  This ranges from a small S278 lighting design where the requirement is to ensure the design is the most cost effective with the least disruption through to large ‘invest to save’ schemes where DfL ensure that clients maximise savings and have excellent payback periods.

Some great examples of this are the Kent County Council LED upgrade where DfL delivered, on time, budget and with additional energy savings, one of the most ambitious Street Lighting Projects the UK has ever seen.

As he is often working with clients to shape the needs of their project, he wants to ensure he can demonstrate the added value DfL brings to them and he’s really passionate about helping clients meet their aims and aspirations.

Richard’s personal approach to lighting design:

For me, when looking at lighting design I always like to bring the buildability approach to schemes.  Having worked “on the Tools” and worked my way up, I am always keen to promote a pragmatic design that considers installation, maintenance and even end of life replacement/decommissioning.

Outside of work Richard enjoys running:

Be it running around after the kids, or running in general, with a young family I enjoy the time I get with them at evenings and weekends.  I love running, as it is time I get to myself and I can review my day and plan the day ahead.   I’m always keen for a challenge and can be found running the odd half marathon or Park run on a Saturday morning.’

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Alistair Scott

Chairman and Non- Executive Director

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Alistair Scott BSc, CEng, FILP, MIMechE MHEA

Alistair joined DfL in February 2005 as Managing Director. He is responsible for the strategic direction of the company and corporate governance. He also oversees staff development and training and encourages staff membership of professional bodies like ILP and HEA. He enjoys the variety of the role and discussing lighting strategy and providing technical advice, whilst at the same time encouraging people to look at problems from a different perspective.

He also loves working on Light Impact Assessments (LIA’s) and advising on minimising obtrusive light. Some key projects he’s been involved in include the LIA at London Gateway and the Lighting Strategy for the Pacific Island of Vanuatu which involved some very enjoyable site visits!

Another rewarding project was supporting Gloucestershire County Council with technical advice for the Invest to Save LED upgrade project

During his career to date Alistair has had the honour of being President of the ILP, and really enjoyed the strategic role within that organisation which culminated in the presidency. He was also awarded the ‘Service to Industry Award’ from the HEA in 2013.

Alistair’s personal approach to lighting design:

‘My philosophy is all about improving the quality of light for any application, particularly in both minimising glare and obtrusive light. I’m committed to working with organisations to create strategies which are both practical and sustainable.’

Outside of work he enjoys living near the coast:

‘We moved to live near the coast to spend more time in, on or next to the water. This involves activities like sailing, paddle boarding, walking and cycling. I also love eating out, a favourite of mine being Rick Stein’s at Poole, with its amazing seafood and views over the harbour.’


Ryan Carroll

Principal Lighting Consultant – Environmental Impact and Planning

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Ryan Carroll BSc (Hons), IEng, MILP

Ryan joined DfL in July 2015 as Lighting Designer.  He works on light impact assessments to support planning applications and developments, as well as being involved in more architectural lighting design elements. He likes working on creative lighting design like landscape lighting and areas which are more visually appealing, as well as the functional side, and enjoys allowing his artistic side to shine through.

Major projects he has worked on include new developments for end clients such as Jaguar Land Rover, where he has provided the lighting strategy to which the end designer has to adhere, and has completed Lighting Impact Assessments that have assisted with the Client achieving successful planning approval.

He has also been involved in the Lighting Strategy for a luxury hotel resort in Cornwall which was a very innovative process and allowed creative lighting to be fully developed within the design.

Ryan’s recent lighting passion is the redesign of lighting on a LightArt sculpture called New Burlington Flare which was very challenging, both technically and aesthetically.

Ryan’s personal approach to lighting design

‘For me it’s ensuring that light is designed appropriately for the application and where applicable it meets the relevant standard.  I believe that lighting needs to be well thought out so that it enhances it’s surroundings.’

Outside of work Ryan enjoys spending time with family:

‘I am enjoying my new role as a father to our new daughter, Amelie.  My interests include kayaking, watching motor sport and, when I get the time, go-karting.’


Kelly Smith

Senior Lighting Designer

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Kelly Smith MSc, BEng (Hons), AMILP, MSLL, AMCIBSE

Kelly started DfL in April 2021 after joining the lighting industry – by mistake – in 2001. She has been involved in a wide variety of schemes, large and small including Manchester Airport Car Park, Duthamgate, Belfast City Center and the Queensferry Bridge. She has even been known to dabble in interior lighting on occasion. Kelly has also presented to various technical bodies on a variety of subjects including BIM, Blue Light Effects and Glare.

Kelly’s personal approach to lighting:

“Lighting can manipulate how we perceive the world around us in so many ways, either deliberately or accidentally. It’s fascinating to know how different lighting effects, both functional and aesthetical, can achieve different experiences. As a lighting designer I strive to make that experience suitable not just for us but for the flora and fauna we have to share the outside space with.”

Outside of work, Kelly is never far from a book, it makes her grumpy to not have something to read. When she must eventually get out of the house, her preferred exercise is dancing – waltz, foxtrot, quickstep, salsa, belly, line, paso doble, tango … the list goes on.


Filip Wolcz

Senior Lighting Designer

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Filip Wolcz

Filip joined DfL in June 2015 as Lighting Designer.  He is involved with lighting design and calculation, CAD drawing, modelling and project management.  His favourite part of the job is finding the opportunity to make the design process more efficient by writing some kind of macro/VBA code.  Projects he has worked on include the lighting design and management of the Kent LED replacement programme, and light spill modelling for a number of light impact assessments for new developments.

Filip’s personal approach to lighting design:

‘Lighting design should be well thought out, accurate and up-to-date with technology to ensure it will serve its purpose for many years.’

Outside of work Filip enjoys playing volleyball and sightseeing.


Scott Pengelly


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Scott Pengelly EngTech AMILP

Scott joined the DFL team in March 2022 as Project Manager to support our ever-growing and busy minor projects team. Working as the key point of contact for our wide customer base, Scott works hard to ensure all projects are delivered on time and to budget – quite the challenge at times!

Scott has been in the lighting industry for over 18 years now with expertise covering many elements of lighting, including project design, product management, sales, marketing, and technical roles. He is also a keen supporter of the industry, having held volunteer roles within the Institution of Lighting Professionals (ILP) for well over 10 years now.

His personal approach to lighting is all about the right product, in the right place, for the right amount of time…

‘Sometimes we, as the lighting community, can get a little hung up on trying to achieve specific lighting levels and classes and need to think much more about the bigger picture. Does the design provide a good environment for the users within the space? Can we reduce lighting levels when the usage changes throughout hours of darkness? Is the proposed product being used in the correct application?’

Outside of work, Scott tries his hand at a bit of Golf which takes up any free time he has away from family and friends.


John Rands

Project Manager – Road Tunnels

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John Rands CEng, MILP

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Sylvia Wright

Senior CAD Technician

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Sylvia Wright

Sylvia joined DfL in February 2012 as Senior CAD Technician.  To quote her words ‘I take our highly talented Engineers’ scribbles and splodges and transform them into beautiful drawings.  I also provide a mentoring and training service to our design team to help solve all their CAD problems.’

Sylvia’s personal approach to lighting design:

‘I’m just very good at drawing lamp posts!  I take a personal pride in creating drawings which are consistent in approach and quality and which are easily understood by the recipients.  I ensure that all drawings which leave DfL meet our quality requirements irrespective of who has drawn them.’

Sylvia is also the company BIM expert and clients regularly seek her expertise.

Sylvia has varied interests out of the workplace:

‘I am green fingered and enjoy spending time creating my beautiful garden’.

Alexander Lawlor

Alex Lawlor

Lighting Designer

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Alex Lawlor

Alex is NEW! more to come soon!!!

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Alex Elliott

Lighting Designer

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Alex Elliott BSc (Hons), Eng Tech, MILP

Alex joined DfL in March 2008 as Senior Lighting Designer. He has almost 15 years experience in the lighting industry and has worked on projects of all sizes from small residential schemes to major roads and town centres.  A favourite project was the architectural lighting design for Kettering Market Place.

Alex’s personal approach to lighting design:

I enjoy architectural lighting projects and designing lighting of a space or building can give it a real atmosphere and make it come alive.’

Outside of work Alex enjoys spending time with his family.  He has researched his family history in depth over the last 7 years and has recently met cousins from the US and Canada for the first time.  He has also recently started running and has a current Personal Best time over 5 km of 23:41 minutes and is training for his first half marathon later in the year.

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Aaron Brown

Lighting Designer

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Aaron Brown

Aaron joined DfL in August 2012 as Lighting Designer.  He has mainly been involved with lighting design for large scale projects including Croydon PFI, Lambeth LED upgrade and currently Kent County Council LED upgrade, as well as designing several smaller scale projects along the way.

Aaron’s personal approach to lighting design:

‘Having been mainly involved in LED upgrade works, my main aim to date has been to reduce the energy output as much as possible, utilising the improved efficiency of LED lighting.

I am always mindful of road users, pedestrians and residents alike, taking factors such as obtrusive light and DDA requirements into consideration at the design stage, ensuring the deliverance of quality designs with the customer’s satisfaction being paramount.’

Outside of work Aaron enjoys cooking:

‘I fancy myself as a keen amateur cook, along with being a massive movie buff.  I also enjoy all kinds of music and its very seldom that I’m not plugged in, whether at work, rest or play.  I like singing where permitted and play mean ‘desk drums’, much to the annoyance of my colleagues!  I like to think I have a creative mind, taking note of the old adage that “everyone has at least one book inside them”, which is something I’d like to look into in the future.

Guus Ketelings

Guus Ketelings

Lighting Designer

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Guus Ketelings

Guus joined DFL in December 2020 as a Lighting Designer. His job entails combining his background in DMX controls from event lighting with architectural lighting design from planning, to modelling, to design. Guus enjoys the sheer variety of different challenges to be solved. “Every project is either slightly different or vastly different meaning there is always something new to learn. Additionally, I love the creative element of architectural lighting design and modelling – combining art with engineering.

Guus’s personal approach to lighting design:

“My focus when creating lighting designs is a hybridization of practicality, functionality, and aesthetics. This along with regular discussion ensures all expectations are being met.”

Outside of work, if the weather is good, you can find Guus on the landing strip! “I got a skydiving license in 2015 and have been making the most out of the summer months by jumping out of airplanes.” If the weather is not so good, Guus is usually tinkering around with game development ranging from environment design, planning, or actual development.


Martyn Evans

IT Manager and Lighting Designer

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Toby Penter

Lighting Designer

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Toby Penter

Toby joined DfL at the start of September 2020, with a background in business development and lighting design with a lighting manufacturer.

Toby works on lighting impact assessments and lighting strategy projects, to support planning applications and encourage good lighting practice in development. This covers ensuring lighting is suitable for the environment, complies with local policy, protects dark skies, and is sensitive to local ecology – including bats.

Toby enjoys working at DfL, “I love supporting good lighting; and engaging with customers to make sure they get what they want out of their projects, whilst protecting the surrounding environment.”

Outside of work, Toby loves climbing and skiing, or anything involving mountains, and volunteers at a wheelchair rugby club (when there isn’t a global pandemic on). On the weekend you can either find him on a bike, on a hike, or down the pub.

Daniel Spreadborough Headshot 2021

Daniel Spreadborough

Lighting Designer

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Alex Brown

Alex Brown

Lighting Designer

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Alex Brown

Alex started work at a lighting design electrical wholesaler 18 years ago, moved to a food industry based manufacturer (Greenstock lamp co worked in sales for a bit moving up to management, did a bit of design work in the background, moved to a wholesaler for 9 months, then worked at 7 core electrical setting up the lighting division for the next 7 years.

‘As a lover of nature and the effects of lighting, I have a passion for trying to get both to work in harmony and create a better and more enjoyable environment for the surrounding inhabitants .’

In his spare time Alex enjoys looking after his plants (currently 40 indoors, roughly 10 outdoors), horror and sci-fi movies, bouldering, and foraging.


Peter Burrows

Programme Manager

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Peter Burrows

Peter joined DfL in April 2010 as Programme Manager.

Whilst Peter’s main role is programme managing the larger projects that the company take on, he also gets involved in lighting design.  His background is as a computer programmer and small company administrator, so he has great organisational and data processing skills.  He is responsible for all the company IT support and works closely with designers to remove the more tedious aspects of lighting design.

Peter is currently managing the LED replacement projects

Peter’s personal approach to lighting design:

To my mind Lighting is for the safety and wellbeing of people but needs to be in harmony with the surrounding environment.  Nuisance lighting is a particular bug bear of mine along with the unnecessary use of plastics.’

Outside of work Peter lives to ski and snowboard, and has spent 4 winters in the mountains in the last 12 years. When there isn’t snow around, he’ll be on the water sailing, or busting some tunes on either a Clarinet or Euphonium.

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John Adcock

Electrical Engineer

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John Adcock

John joined DfL in February 2010 as a Lighting Engineer.  He has 40 years’ experience in the electrical and lighting industry, having gained experience in local authorities and electrical contracting. His work includes Independent Certification on 4 PFI projects and site and electrical surveys.  

John particularly enjoys the asset management part of his role.  This includes site auditing, inspection and certification of lighting installations, inventory verification and night illuminance measurement for LIA’s, TR28s etc.  He also gets involved in Highway Electrical cable and volt drop calculations and network design.

John’s personal approach to lighting design:

To see well conceived lighting designs come to fruition with minimal impact on our surrounds and natural environment’.

Outside of work John enjoys various sports:

‘I enjoy sitting around watching sport on TV or preferably live, in particular the annual trek up to Twickenham for the Army Navy rugby match!  Infrequent fly fishing is also enjoyable.’

Paul R

Paul Ransley

Senior Lighting and Electrical Designer

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Paul Ransley

Paul joined DFL in July 2021 as Lighting and Electrical Designer.

Paul came to DFL with a wealth of experience in the highways sector and supported the Highways department delivering large and complex infrastructure projects.

With great knowledge in both lighting and electrical Paul prides himself on the detail of making sure schemes have strong buildability


Fiona Elsley

Lighting Technician

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Fran Goodyear

Accounts & Office Administrator

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Fran Goodyear

Fran joined DfL in December 2016 as Accounts and Office Administrator.

 ‘I am the first contact for visitors and telephone callers and deal with all the accounts and general administration in the office.  I enjoy dealing with clients and suppliers and being able to assist wherever required.  DfL is a friendly company and it is a pleasure to come to work every day.’

Outside of work Fran enjoys various interests:

‘In my spare time I enjoy silversmithing (on a very small scale), fishing, walking, gardening and socialising with friends.  I also enjoy watching the England cricket team, and play tennis and squash badly.’

Award-winning specialist consultancy

With our Head Office in Winchester, Hampshire and a further office in the North of England we work with clients across the UK.

Our vision is to create both innovative and practical design solutions, which are second to none – nurturing the best talents in specialist lighting design, backed up by a reliable and cost-effective service.

Our projects include:

  • Lighting design for capital works
  • Invest to Save projects
  • Management and delivery of highways electricals
  • Light Impact Assessments
  • Smart City Consultancy
  • Planning and environmental advice

Our clients include local government, multi-disciplinary consultancies, contractors, developers, architects, landscape architects, smart city advisors and planning and environmental consultants.

DfL maintain strong links with industry and professional bodies through membership of the Highway Electrical Association (HEA) and corporate group membership of the Institution of Lighting Professionals (ILP).

We work to shape the future direction and advise on the latest trends within lighting.

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Suitable candidates for all positions will be enthusiastic, self-motivated and able to demonstrate a basic working knowledge of CAD. We offer a competitive salary and career development opportunities.


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