No Such Thing As A Free Lighting Design

May 15, 2017

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Designs for lighting are increasingly being asked to take on lighting designs by others that have been carried out for “free” but can’t get them through Local Authority approval processes.

It should be noted that most local authorities now charge a checking fee for their acceptance process and the “free” design could end up costing the developer more, as several iterations can be needed.

We are an independent consultant with some of the most competent and qualified staff in the industry

Often we are finding we can significantly reduce the construction costs to the client through improved design. This is because we are an independent consultant with some of the most competent and qualified staff in the industry.

Whilst we charge a fee for our services, our costs are realised though excellent design, considering all the elements of lighting installations including electrical connections and supplies to signs and bollards. Our designs are checked by our site supervisors to make sure what we propose is buildable.

A recent project saw us reduce the number of columns on a housing development from 77 to 69 whilst still lighting to the required standards. We also reduced the amount of trenching for the DNO connections by ensuring columns were placed near passing LV connections, the estimated saving in construction costs to the client is thought to be £40,000. Our fees were a fraction of the savings we found for the client.  Our works also offered the added value of a full lighting and electrical design package with Local Authority approval and full management of the lighting design element.

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